NQ 2 App – Olive Oil Relaxer Kit – Super

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Nubian Queen Olive Oil No-Lye Conditioning Relaxer is exclusively created to both nourish and straighten your hair. This unique design nourishes and protects the hair during the relaxing process. Infused with Olive Oil and Pro Vitamins this formula will restore elasticity and strengthen the hair shaft, resulting in healthier hair. Its renowned 10% natural ingredient, olive oil helps deliver super hydration to your hair leaving it soft, silky and shiny. This kit helps relax hair and straighten at the very same time, making this hair treatment truly indulgent from start to finish. Treatment helps both repair and strengthen hair so breakages happen less and less. This kit is for 2 applications. Benefits: Perfect for normal hair, Leaves soft silky hair, Hair is manageable and straight, Nourish with nature's best, Long lasting effects, Strengthened hair with less breakages, Easy to style locks, Enjoy pamper time with your child, Easy to use. Care Instructions: Keep kit in box for safe dry storage

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